Glazing it the one of the best part to creating pottery. One thing that is exciting about it is if you experiment on the glaze. If you know what glazes turn out like, then sometimes you can kind of guess what it might turn out like with other colors with it, but you really never know. There are so many different glazes! And the more the merrier! With more glazes to use, the more fun you will get out of glazing your art.

In other places a long while ago, before people fired their pottery in kilns, people would cover their work in cow chips and other things, and set it on fire, and let it burn for a long time. They had to do it on a clam day no wind at all, or it would mess of the look of the pottery. They had no way of knowing how it was going to turn out, but they did it anyway. And usually they turn out great. They don't have much variety when it came to that kind of firing.