Pottery is a very calm, and exciting activity.

Pottery is very fun to do. The end of your pottery session might not be as fun, due to the cleaning up part. But other than that, pottery is the most calming thing you can do. It relaxes your muscles, and eases any tension you have built up that day. You are so focused on being steady it almost forces you to be calm and relaxed. Although sometimes it may get a little frustrating because something your doing is not turning out they you had planned. You just have to make sure you keep your body loose, and free from stress.
Nicaraguan Pottery
Pottery is also an exciting activity as well. After you get done making something, and you look at it, you just become so proud of what you just accomplished. You get excitement by just looking at what shape you have created. Also, its very exciting when you have created a piece of art on the wheel, and its been fired, then you glaze it, not knowing how its going to to turn out, you'll always get that excitement before you see it the next day. So any way you look at pottery it can be really exciting if you make it really exciting. Potters is very fun.